A letter for Vanessa:

When I offered my service of newborn photography to your husband it was in hope that I could capture a moment in time and freeze it for you. I knew that you were struggling day-to-day and not able to enjoy the newness of you and Doug’s beautiful creation.  When you recovered I wanted you to have these special moments back, I wanted to give you the gift of lost memories. My heart broke when I heard the sad news that your beautiful little family was going to have to carry on without you. Free from your body hear on earth, I hope you are now able to look down from heaven and see the real life version of your girls. May you always be the soft whisper in their ear, warm embrace when they are cold, and guardian angle on their shoulder. Let your story continue to unfold of your beautiful larger than life personality through them. God bless you Vanessa Ogden. 

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